Music and/or dansgroups:
  Middelsee "Old" Dutch folk music, found in old music books and manuscripts
  La Jolie Folie Jolie Folie plays dance- and listening music from France and other Western European regions
  De Zoete Inval Music from old (Dutch) sources like 17th century manuscripts and music books
  Pipor Els Doekes' own web page
  Couragie Folk music from around the North Sea
  Throat Wobbler Mangrove Irish and Dutch folk-rock in the style of the Levellers and the Pogues with Shane McGowan
  Nederlandse Blokfluitpagina "The Dutch Recorder Page": an overview of music groups featuring one or more recorders
  Lillan Swedish dance group based in (/near) Amsterdam
  Avesta Spelmanslag Folk music group/orchestra in Dalarna (Sweden)
  Stockholms Spelmanslag Folk music group/orchestra in Stockholm (Sweden)
  Älvdalens Spelmanslag Folk music group/orchestra in Dalarna (Sweden)

  Gunnar Stenmark Maker of specific wind instruments (Härjedalspipan)

Organisations & Societies:
  Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland The Dutch 'central website' for folk and world music
  Zweeds-Nederlandse Vereniging Society aming to strengthen the bonds between Sweden and the Netherlands.
  de Trekharmonika - Startpagina Various links about the melodeon and related instruments
  Werelddansplein World dance in the north of the Netherlands
  De Speelman Music Agency
  ArosHambon Jan Åke's website
  Arctisch Weekend Yearly get-together for the ´arctically interested´
  Tsjoch Society of Friesian folk musicians
  Folkmusikhuset (Skeppis) Folk music & dance centre in Stockholm
  Sångleksnätverk An institution of the "Riksförening för Folkmusik och dans" (= Sw. nat. society for Folk music & dance)

  Olle Gällmo Lots of information about the Swedish bagpipes with pictures and music examples
  "The Universe of Bagpipes" Website by Oliver Seeler