About us:  

Since the early 1990's both musicians have attended many courses and workshops (in the Netherlands as well as in England and Scandinavia) on traditional music and dance from various Swedish and Norwegian regions; given mostly by tradition bearers.

Els Doekes plays the following instruments in Duo NoordWest:
various recorders, härjedals- & älvdalspipa, seljefløjta, bone whistle, violin, sackbut and chromatic accordeon.

In daily life Els Doekes works as a music teacher. She spends all of her holidays in Sweden: sometimes hiking but mostly dancing or playing for the dances.
In June 2005 she got "Zornmärket i brons" for her whistle and flute playing; in August 2008 she got "Stort Silver" at the Uppdansning.

Other groups she plays in:
Middelsee, Couragie , Vox Buccina, De Zoete Inval


Thomas Steenweg plays the following instruments in Duo NoordWest:
violin, säckpipa (swedish bagpipes), diatonic accordeon (melodeon), hardanger fiddle and concertina.
Was awarded "Diplom" on säckpipa at the Uppspelning för Zornmärket in Delsbo in July 2008.

Other groups he plays in:
La Jolie Folie, Couragie, De Zoete Inval ,
Throat Wobbler Mangrove